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Wasl Quartz - R 1027

As Umm Hurair continues its dynamic transformation, the vibrant community gets its latest addition in a series of contemporary projects with wasl quartz (R1027). With its lively ambiance, proximity to both old and new Dubai, and the convenience of living in the heart of hospitality, leisure and retail, it’s the perfect place to live. 


  • 66 flats with 1BR, 2BR, 2BR+M and 3BR+M apartments
  • Retail units on the ground floor
  • Amenities include male/female gym & pool 
  • Covered Parking


Rent prices start at AED 70,555 for 1BR, AED 99,555 for 2BR and AED 131,555 for 3BR 

To register your interest call 800wasl (9275) or email us at


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