Technical Consultancy Services

Our services start from the second a project is ready to be handed-over to the owner or developer. As a trusted partner, wasl properties can act on your behalf to ensure that your project is ready to receive tenants and then maximise your return on your investment.

Our experienced team offers the following services:

  • Energy Solutions

    Energy Solutions

    With an extensive experience in energy management solutions, our team could assist you by conducting a thorough study of your asset to identify ways to optimise energy consumption within the asset.

  • Testing and Commissioning Services

    Testing and Commissioning Services

    As every piece of equipment is installed, we ensure that we are present to witness the installation and the testing of it. Properly installed and commissioned equipment perform better for a longer period.

  • Snagging and Rectification

    Snagging and Rectification

    Our team has a long experience in the processes of snagging and rectification of assets and equipment. We conduct a thorough inspection of all electrical, mechanical, civil, structural, and plumbing systems as well as safety-related equipment like fire systems and elevators to ensure that every construction defect is highlighted and addressed.

  • Project take over

    Project take over

    We help the developer or owner when their new project is delivered by the contractor, ensuring the smoothest handover possible. Our role entails making sure that all standard processes are followed correctly and all proper documentation are in place.


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