Procurement of Facilities Management (FM) services

Twice a year, Wasl carries out an exercise to prequalify FM service providers, where it sends a pre-qualifications questionnaire to the providers followed by a site visit of their headquarters.

For FM services procurement, we offer the following services:

i. Developing the scope of work
Wasl' standard FM Scope of Work covers all legally binding services and all local laws and guidelines. We tailor this scope of work per our customers’ specific needs and the assets’ unique specifications including its age and condition.

ii. Tendering
A detailed RFP based on the agreed scope of work is then sent to our list of prequalified providers. Selection is done based on a weighted technical and commercial evaluation process ensuring that our customers receive the best quality service and value for their money.

iii. Negotiating
We use the BOMA chart of accounts as a pricing model to capture all costs. The BOMA chart is an effective tool that allows us to benchmark, compare and negotiate each service item with our prequalified FM service providers and which also provide a transparent cost structure for our customers.

iv. Awarding and monitoring
On selection of the FM service provider, we utilise one of the globally accepted FM agreement forms and tailor it to local laws. The contract agreement also specifies the service delivery standards which are defined based on priority timelines, frequency of services and key performance indicators.

By conducting monthly and quarterly performance appraisals, we are able to manage and monitor the performance of the FM service provider. This helps the providers improve their services while allows us to find ways to save costs and increase efficiencies.