Owners Association Workshops

1. “OAs - The Opportunities and Challenges” series:

Hosted in collaboration with the industry leaders and appropriate government agencies, the workshops bring industry experts to discuss the challenges Owner’s Associations face as well as the opportunities available.

The workshops usually feature panels with representatives from leading firms in the industry, giving the audience direct access to the experts to answer their questions and concerns.

If you would like to attend our next workshop, please contact us.

2. Board Member training seminars:

wasl offers “Board Member” seminars for board members interested in learning about the role and responsibilities of being a homeowner association officer.

The seminars could be tailored to the specific needs of each association and may include:

  • Introduction to Homeowner Associations
  • Conducting Effective Board and Community Meetings
  • How to Establish Rules and Guidelines
  • Working Through Committees
  • Budget and Financials
  • Planning For the Future
  • Productive Board Meeting Procedures
  • Managing the Communities Risk
  • Understanding the legal implications and requirements that effect homeowner associations

If you would like to attend a “Board Member” training seminar, please email oam@wasl.ae