Owners Association Management (OAM)

Wasl properties’ expertise in the facilities management service field comes from over three decades of delivering the highest standard of services. This is complemented by Wasl’s knowledge in the Owners Association Management market, which is on par with global standards, and is recognised by leading industry associations.

As the largest landlord in Dubai, Wasl is able to use its position to negotiate the best facilities management fees on behalf of the owners association. As representatives  Wasl also oversees the execution and delivery of the services to ensure that the owners are receiving what they paid for.

We can assist developers in planning and establishing their owners association by:

  • Submitting proper paper work to developer or agent
  • Preparing notices and sending to owners and RERA
  • Establishing and conducting first Owner Association General Meeting
  • Writing minutes
  • Writing resolutions
  • Registering with RERA

Meet with Wasl OAM Team

Wasl prides itself with its team of professionals who can draw on their two decades of combined experience to help our clients with all aspects of Owners Association Management.

Owners Association Workshops

Wasl is committed to continue its efforts to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience to enrich the community and further develop the real estate sector in Dubai. As part of these efforts, Wasl holds two different workshops.


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How we serve you

Wasl provides all of the property management and association management services necessary to assist the board with managing a successful community association.