Asset Management Services & Solutions

As one of the largest landlords in Dubai, wasl properties’ expertise in the real estate asset management service field comes from over three decades of delivering the highest standard of facilities management services.

We are able to offer a wide range of outsourced facilities management services in both the leasehold and freehold markets under a single point of contact, enhancing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing top quality, while reducing cost to our customers.

Procurement of Facilities Management (FM) services

On behalf of its clients, wasl properties uses its extensive experience and network to obtain best value in the procurement of FM services. Through the use of standardised procurement processes, wasl is able to achieve efficient, economic and effective procurement of FM services.

Total Asset Management (TAM) Services

Through our Total Asset Management (TAM) services we provide customers with a cost-effective, integrated and efficient solution for their property management and maintenance requirements.

Our single-contact model allows the centralisation of work needed, monitors consistency of quality, and improves customer interaction and satisfaction.

We employ clear processes and international practices across all our services ensuring that we are always delivering the best value for our customers both from quality and monetary perspectives.

We aim to maintain the condition of the building to its design parameters, enhancing the life cycle of the equipment installed through systemic and planned preventive maintenance.

Health and Safety Audits

As a responsible company, we ensure that all properties under our management are maintained in a safe and environmentally friendly way through periodic audits.

We constantly monitor developments in health and safety legislation and best practice to ensure that we are always in compliance. We regularly undertake health and safety audits which include fire risk management, gas safety, electrical testing, water testing and all communal areas.

These audits allow us to identify, monitor and eradicate any potential health and safety risks associated with unsuitable equipment and procedures

Quality Management

In line with our drive towards delivering quality service to our customers and to ensure quality life-cycle management of assets under our supervision, wasl has entered into mutually-beneficial partnerships with leading FM service providers.

These partnerships are structured to create and maximise value through contract reviews, key performance indicators and payment terms.

We conduct a series of compliance and buildings audits to ensure the quality of service delivered by the FM service providers and their adherence to local laws and statutory management.