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wasl to Complete Ninety Villas in Jumeirah Residential Project

[Dubai, UAE, September 9th, 2013] – In response to the high demand for villas in Jumeirah’s Al Badaa, district - one of Dubai’s oldest and most prestigious locations - wasl properties has announced that it will complete 90 four-bedroom villas as part of ‘wasl 90’, its newest residential development in the area. The completion of the project is scheduled for November, 2013. The latest tranche of property being added to the wasl properties portfolio will be located off Al Wasl Road, a major artery running through the heart of Jumeirah. Al Badaa forms part of an affluent community in the locale and is home to a network of schools, services, high-end restaurants and boutique-style shopping outlets.

wasl properties Provides Iftar meals this Ramadan

wasl properties will help members of the community break their fast this Ramadan with Iftar tents set up in samari residence in Ras Al Khor and in the Muhaisnah area. This gesture of good will complements a long list of Ramadan initiatives to further support the community during the Holy month. Together, the two areas are home to some 6,000 wasl properties tenants, who along with general public are invited to break their fast at the allocated tents.

wasl supports Dubai Autism Centre through the Children’s Art

As part of their continuous commitment to support worthy social programs, wasl Asset Management Group visited the Dubai Autism Centre.  The wasl team, composed of staff members and senior management, visited children who are part of the exceptional care program provided by the Dubai Autism Center.  During the visit to the facility, the wasl team saw the strong art program which facilitates expression of feeling and emotion as a communication through art.  With the centre directors, the wasl team chose pieces of the children’s art which will be put on display at wasl headquarters’ meeting rooms. The group viewed student paintings that were made depicting two themes: ‘Dubai – City that Cares’ and ‘Golf – Dubai’s Green Sport’. Two were chosen for their unique perception and now act as focal points for meeting rooms in the group’s Mankhool Headquarters Building that have been renamed after the children in their honour. wasl Meeting Room One, represents ‘Life i

wasl supports World Cancer Awareness Day at Dubai Hospital

wasl Asset Management team members marked World Cancer Day with a visit to Dubai Hospital to show their support for the continuing battle against a global disease that affects the young and old alike.The group spent time alongside the nurses and doctors learning more about treatment and the hard work and special care that the Dubai Hospital staff provide, particularly to children affected by the disease. They were also able to bring smiles to many young faces with the donation of gifts and toys.The visit came as part of wasl‘s activities revolving around cancer throughout the month of February in an attempt to foster a deeper understanding of the disease and of ways to prevent it thus supporting a healthy lifestyle and community. Held on the 4th of February each year, World Cancer Day’s global aim is to raise awareness and encourage the prevention, detection and early treatment of cancer.

wasl Asset Management Group and its subsidiary wasl properties are each awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification

wasl LLC, one of Dubai’s largest asset management groups as well as its subsidiary wasl properties have both been certified as compliant under the standards of ISO 9001:2008 The Dubai based group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) marked the achievement with a special gathering in the group’s Corporate Office in Mankhool yesterday.  wasl senior management and staff were at the presentation of the certificate in which Mr.

wasl says ‘Thank You’ to Support Staff

We responded to the ‘Thank You’ Campaign launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, in honour of the anniversary of His Highness’s Accession Day on the 4th of January with a special ceremony held on the 10th of January in the presence of senior management to recognise the efforts of the hardworking 45 members of our support staff, for the role they continue to play in contributing to the group’s success. Three departments – AMSS, Lands and Procurement & Administration – took part in the award ceremony to appreciate the team’s hard work. COO, Abdulla Obaidalla, was present at the event along with Jasim Al Jassmi, GM of Human Resources, in addition to General Managers of other wasl departments. These unknown soldiers aid in our organisation’s success at the front by making sure things run efficiently from the back.

Dubai Land Department signs MoU with wasl properties

Dubai Land Department has signed an memorandum of understanding with wasl properties, to strengthen the strategic partnership between the two entities in an effective manner based on a corporate system that aims to continuously enhance the services provided to the community, while having a positive reflection on the progress and economic development of Dubai.wasl properties is the first real estate company to take this step forward, launching a new system where the registration of wasl properties tenant contracts in the Ejari programme is done in real time.

wasl meets Mohammed bin Rashid’s appeal to plant the Union Tree

In response to the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai; wasl announced that it planted a Union Tree yesterday afternoon on the occasion of the UAE’s 41st National Day celebrations, at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, part of wasl’s portfolio of assets. The event was attended by His Excellency Mr. Hisham Abdullah Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group, together with a group of senior managers and executives. This move comes within the framework of many initiatives from past to present that highlight wasl group’s commitment to uphold its corporate social responsibility – even though the company is still young, having been founded in 2008.

wasl Asset Management Group, one of the largest real estate management companies in Dubai, today announces that it will be sponsoring the World Energy Forum (‘WEF’)

This conference, normally held at the UN Headquarters in New York, will be held this year for the very first time outside the US and in Dubai. WEF will play a major role in the global sustainability debate, looking for progress towards cleaner, safer and more sustainable energy. One of the primary objectives will be to chart a roadmap for a sustainable energy mix that can drive global economic and social development. As one of the largest landlords in Dubai with over 25,000 real estate assets managed on behalf of Dubai Real Estate Corporation and other corporate and individual owners, wasl is committed to sustainable business practice. Despite being a young company formed in 2008, wasl has a strong focus on environmental and green initiatives.

Dubai, UAE, 12th Aug, 12
Future Perfect

It’s the million-dollar question. Has the Dubai property market turned a corner? Hesham Al Qassim pauses and his face breaks into a wide smile. “What do you think?” he asks. I mutter something unintelligible about increased demand for premium areas of the city.Al Qassim’s smile widens. “The market is starting to roll over again,” he corrects me. “I think it’s the right time for it. The market has to move at some point; it’s four years from the time that everything started to slow down, and I think that prices have gone below the right level. It’s the right level to buy again.”It’s fair to say that nearly every self-proclaimed expert has had his opinion on the state of play in Dubai’s real estate market since the bubble burst in 2008. But then again, Al Qassim is in a far better position than most to give a transparent assessment. He is the CEO of Wasl Asset Management, which looks after the property portfolio owned by the government’s Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC).