18th October 2015

Wasl wins Dubai’s first annual Happiness in the Workplace Award

[Dubai, UAE, October 18, 2015] –Honoured in an official ceremony hosted by the Dubai Chamber Centre for Responsible Business, Wasl has had the excellence of its working environment officially recognized.

The Happiness in the Workplace Award recognizes companies that are members of the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network committed to advancing business by being forward thinking and fostering positive employment relations.  The prestigious new award pays tribute to organisations that are effectively putting into practice a commitment to employee happiness and well-being while enhancing organisational performance and productivity.

“We are delighted to have been officially rewarded with this important accolade from the Dubai Chamber Centre for Responsible Business,” said Hesham Al Qassim, CEO Wasl.  Since our inception in 2007, our corporate philosophy has been that our employees are our greatest asset, regardless of grade and position.  Our long standing commitment to creating a positive workplace environment for all team members, is a central part of our mission as a socially responsible company.  These values and beliefs are part of our mission statement which guides us and drives our actions.”  

On receiving the award on behalf of Wasl, Mr. Al Qassim reiterated Wasl’s dedication to its employees. He drew attention to the organisation’s annual staff satisfaction poll and its latest findings that put staff satisfaction at an impressive 93 per cent. He stated his goal of seeing the figure even higher following the next survey.

Organisations applying for the award must be members of the Chamber’s Sustainability Network and are required to give Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network the details of at least two initiatives that have been designed to improve happiness in their workplaces. Wasl secured the first ever Happiness in the Workplace Award after impressing the judges with their substantive programmes formulated to promote an optimum employment environment for its staff.

The Dubai Chamber Centre for Responsible Business stated that global statistics have shown that happy workplaces bring huge benefits for both employees and organisations. People who enjoy their work tend to have better health, are more productive, are more creative and possess a greater sense of purpose. Ultimately, they said, the award promotes a business environment that nurtures employees and values their contribution to the continued growth of Dubai.