22nd October 2015

Wasl Tenants Receive Opportunity to Give Blood and Save Lives

Wasl gave its tenants in the Ras Al Khor area of Dubai the opportunity to give the precious gift of life this month. The subsidiary of Wasl, partnered with Dubai Blood Donation Centre (DBDC) to send a mobile blood donation unit to visit its Samari Residences, enabling Wasl customers to donate life-saving blood.

Wasl is more than just a real estate organisation, it is an essential part of the fabric of the UAE community. In this respect, it recognises its obligation to give back to society and to allow its stakeholders to do the same. DBDC plays an essential, life-saving role in the emirate and we are honoured to be able to partner with the group and provide a blood donation service for our tenants at Samari Residences,” said Zainab Mohamed, CEO Property Management and Marketing, Wasl.

Wasl's blood donation camp saw a mobile unit – the ‘bus’ - visit Samari Residences. On board were a sample nurses’ room and four beds that had a view to a television, allowing donors to relax in comfort while they gave their blood. During the process, the donors were attended by a qualified nurse from DBDC. The bus was able to accommodate a total of 60 donors over the course of its visit.

“We extend our gratitude to our tenants who gave blood last week. Their selfless volunteering has ensured that there is a readily available stock of blood to supply Dubai’s hospitals and medical centres. They can take pride in the fact that they have contributed to a vital service for the emirate and in the process, helped to save lives,” added Ms. Mohamed. 

DBDC is a subsidiary of Dubai Health Authority and is located at Latifa Hospital, Oud Metha Road. Wasl’s blood donation initiative was the latest in the company’s extensive annual programme of CSR initiatives aimed at benefitting all aspects of society.