13th February 2013

Wasl supports World Cancer Awareness Day at Dubai Hospital

Wasl Asset Management team members marked World Cancer Day with a visit to Dubai Hospital to show their support for the continuing battle against a global disease that affects the young and old alike.

The group spent time alongside the nurses and doctors learning more about treatment and the hard work and special care that the Dubai Hospital staff provide, particularly to children affected by the disease. They were also able to bring smiles to many young faces with the donation of gifts and toys.

The visit came as part of Wasl‘s activities revolving around cancer throughout the month of February in an attempt to foster a deeper understanding of the disease and of ways to prevent it thus supporting a healthy lifestyle and community. 

Held on the 4th of February each year, World Cancer Day’s global aim is to raise awareness and encourage the prevention, detection and early treatment of cancer.  Wasl supports World Cancer Day as part of its continuous corporate social responsibility activities and community outreach programs.

Shaima Al Sowaidi, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager and Wasl’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee member commented: “If you know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, particularly a child or loved one, the importance of a team of people in your corner not only providing the best care but also supporting you every step of the way is immeasurable. We saw for ourselves the wonderful job done by everyone at Dubai Hospital and we honor the efforts of the hardworking team who work so hard to make a difference in the lives of each of the patients.”  

Wasl is committed to enhancing the environment in which it operates not only in terms of products and services rendered, but also in improving the quality of life for those in the community as a committed corporate citizen.

“2013 will see us dedicate even more time and effort to activities that extend our support and resources to people in the community. Since our formation, being an active corporate citizen has been integral to our corporate vision.  We are there for the community in all aspects of its social development such as education, health and improving our daily life through employing better environmental protection measures.”  added Al Sowaidi.