20th February 2013

Wasl supports Dubai Autism Centre through the Children’s Art

As part of their continuous commitment to support worthy social programs, Wasl visited the Dubai Autism Centre.  The Wasl team, composed of staff members and senior management, visited children who are part of the exceptional care program provided by the Dubai Autism Center.  During the visit to the facility, the Wasl team saw the strong art program which facilitates expression of feeling and emotion as a communication through art.  With the centre directors, the Wasl team chose pieces of the children’s art which will be put on display at Wasl headquarters’ meeting rooms.


The group viewed student paintings that were made depicting two themes: ‘Dubai – City that Cares’ and ‘Golf – Dubai’s Green Sport’.


Two were chosen for their unique perception and now act as focal points for meeting rooms in the group’s Mankhool Headquarters Building that have been renamed after the children in their honour.


Wasl Meeting Room One, represents ‘Life in Dubai’; as seen through the eyes of a child. This painting was made by Humaid Al Zarouni, 8, and Sean McLennan, 14 years old. The painting holds the theme ‘Life/Joy’ and reflects the energy and the spirit in Dubai; where the painting shows Jumeirah Beach, with visions of the ocean, sand and sun.


For the second meeting room, the theme revolves a painting giving an artful look at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, one of the two famous Dubai golf courses that are managed by Dubai Golf – a Wasl subsidiary. Beautiful expressions of the club were painted by Mohammad Jawhar, 13, and Marwan Abdulrahman, 14 years old.

Shaima Al Sowaidi, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager and Wasl’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee member, Wasl Asset Management, commented: “Wasl, since its formation, has and still continues to act in terms of active corporate social responsibility.  We are part of the community we live and work in and are always taking significant strides to offer further support to the community. We were touched by the children’s efforts, and their art will continue to inspire Wasl employees and visitors for many years to come as they hang in their new home.”