15th July 2013

Wasl Provides Iftar meals this Ramadan

Wasl will help members of the community break their fast this Ramadan with Iftar tents set up in samari residence in Ras Al Khor and in the Muhaisnah area. This gesture of good will complements a long list of Ramadan initiatives to further support the community during the Holy month.


Together, the two areas are home to some 6,000 Wasl tenants, who along with general public are invited to break their fast at the allocated tents. Fasting itself is obligatory for all Muslims, and allows those practicing to empathise with the less fortunate who often go hungry; breaking fast together in turn acts in strengthening bonds between all members of the community.


According to Zainab Mohammed, General Manager – Property Management and Marketing & Corporate Communications, “as Dubai transforms into a hub for community, social and cultural activities for the Holy month, it is also a reminder for everyone from the individual to the organisational level to become better contributing members of society.”


She further elaborates, “We set up a tent in Ras Al Khor last year and were so humbled by the experience of seeing all the beneficiaries’ appreciation that we decided to allocate a second venue in order to be able to provide more iftar meals this year.”


A number of other Ramadan initiatives targeting Wasl’ tenants during the Holy month, include a drawing competition that invites the tenants’ children to share through their art the ‘joy of sharing and connecting with others’ during the Holy month of Ramadan. An ipad mini will be awarded every week and the grand prize winner will have the annual school fees for 2013/2014 paid in full by Wasl, a reflection of the importance placed on supporting members of the community.


Zainab Mohammed adds that, “While Ramadan is a distinctive reminder for humanitarian work; Wasl continues to engage with and contribute to the community throughout the year. Tenants are our first priority, and we are constantly working on providing the best quality and services to ensure a consistently comfortable lifestyle throughout our various projects.”