19th October 2021

Wasl leases record 130 units in 45 minutes

Wasl, one of the largest real estate development and management companies in Dubai, has announced the leasing of 130 units in 45 minutes as part of its promotional campaign which coincides with the inauguration of Expo 2020 Dubai. wasl also managed to break the previous record it set last year by leasing 126 units in 6 hours.

For this leasing campaign that runs until the end of October, Wasl included 2,000 units from its residential portfolio across Dubai, with 300 units leased in the first day. The record leasing is a testament of the well-thought-out strategy set by the company, which confirms its position as a leader in the highly-competitive real estate market, as well as, the growing confidence of customers in its projects, plans, and the offers directed to tenants.

The campaign witnessed a high turnout from families from other emirates than Dubai, with two- and three-bedroom units being the most in-demand during the first day of the campaign.

The campaign results are also an indication of the recovery of the Dubai’s real estate market. It also highlights Wasl’s successful strategies including choosing the ideal time of launching this campaign, which have contributed to an increase in demand for the leasing units across the sector.

The leasing campaign was launched by Wasl on its website and the innovative Wasl Leasing application. It sought to reach the largest number of potential tenants in Dubai, and to ensure maximum comfort for them. The app enables potential customers to reserve the units they desire by submitting their details as well as settle and receive their lease contracts, all within a few minutes. The effort is in line with Wasl’s commitment to adopt innovative methods across the sector.

One-year lease agreements will entail a AED 5,000 discount with 12 monthly instalments, 0% commission fees and security deposits, as well as a one-month grace period. Moreover, two-year lease contracts will entail the same offer but with 24 monthly instalments, and a three-month grace period.