24th November 2014

Wasl Honours the UAE’s Next Generation on Universal Children's Day

Dubai, UAE, November 22, 2014: ‘Children are our future’ was the message sent out at the latest community CSR initiative from Wasl. The property management organisation, one of Dubai’s largest real estate companies, celebrated Thursday’s Universal Children’s Day with a special event for its tenants at Wasl square.

Keen to honour the UAE’s next generation, Wasl hosted an afternoon of activities for junior members of society, with the party taking place at the Wasl square clubhouse. The facility had been decorated especially for the occasion, featuring balloons, drapes and flowers in the UAE flag’s colours of red, green white and black. The event was open to all families residing at Wasl square, one of the company’s signature developments located at the intersection between Al Wasl and Hadiqa Roads, Jumeirah.

“As one of the main providers and managers of residential compounds in the UAE, Wasl is an organisation that is at the heart of the nation’s community,” said Zainab Mohammed, CEO, Property Management, Marketing, Wasl. “As such, our programme of CSR activities covers the entire spectrum of society. Universal Children’s Day gave us the prime opportunity to provide a fun afternoon for children and their families. It allowed us to initiate an event that honours our younger generation and draws attention to the fact that they are the future of our great nation,” she added.

Wasl’s Universal Children’s Day event saw Wasl square’s junior tenants enjoying a range of entertainment activities, including the two classic children’s party games; ‘Musical Statues’ and ‘Musical Chairs.’ There were also rounds of ‘Fetch Me,’ ‘Tug of War’, ‘Balloon Bashing’ and a magic show’  A dedicated art corner hosted a ‘Kids Scrap Book 2015,’with the children painting things that reminded them of the ‘Spirit of the UAE’ in line with celebrations for the 43rd UAE National Day. The best of the artistic offerings are being selected and incorporated into a ‘Wasl square Kids Scrap Book 2015,’ with 270 books to be printed and distributed to Wasl square residents. A DJ provided the accompanying music for the games and activities throughout and mini hunger pangs from all the exertions were satisfied at a food and beverage corner.

“It was great to see such enthusiasm and fun on display during Wasl’s Universal Children’s Day event at Wasl Square,” said Zainab Mohammed. “What particularly impressed us was the strong sense of UAE national identity that the children displayed at the art corner. It was clear to see that even at such a young age these future builders of our society know and appreciate this great country. We are very much looking forward to compiling and distributing the scrapbooks as mementos of this fantastic day,” she added.
Universal Children's Day takes place every year on November 20. The international awareness date celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, having been first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954. The day was established to highlight the issues affecting young people across the world and to initiate action to benefit and promote their welfare.