16th March 2016

Wasl Completes Highly Anticipated ‘Wasl hub’ in Karama

Wasl has announced the successful completion of its highly anticipated Wasl hub project. The real estate management company, a subsidiary of Wasl, has strategically aligned its projects with Dubai’s plan to provide residents in established areas of Dubai with quality living. Its recent projects include Wasl hub and Wasl duet in Karama along with Wasl oasis II in Muhaisnah.

Wasl hub earned its name due to its vast 170,000 sq/ft. area, of which 60,000 sq/ft. has been allocated to over 70 retail shops and 32 restaurants and cafes. The project features 312 one, two and three-bedroom apartments and provides ample parking to accommodate residents and visitors. Wasl has opened registration for leasing the first phase which is made up of 57 units including one, two and three bedroom apartments.

Wasl hub aims to enhance the size and diversity of Wasl’ portfolio in Karama and will offer additional services such as a swimming pool, children’s playground, indoor gyms and around-the-clock security. The project is expected to become a landmark in Karama due to its distinctive features and large retail area designed to make it a bustling and vibrant destination, thus creating a community within a community.

Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management & Marketing Officer at Wasl, said, “A significant percentage of inquiries we receive are related to residential and commercial space in established areas such as Al Karama and Muhaisnah. Wasl has garnered an excellent response from its initiative to provide quality, well designed residential communities in Dubai.” She added, “Through our ability to identify this crucial need for quality housing in the market, we have seen a positive response for our recently launched projects.”

The company also offered units for leasing in the 2nd building of the newly completed “Wasl duet” in Karama, following the successful launch of the first building few months ago. The second development comprises of 21 one-bedroom and 30 two-bedroom apartments with retail space and amenities that include a swimming pool, children’s play area and a gym.

Wasl has also recently leased out 400 units comprising of studio and two-bedroom apartments in 9 buildings of its highly successful Wasl oasis II development in Muhaisnah within a short span of two weeks.

The epitome of quality-standard community living, Wasl oasis II has been designed to provide the very best in contemporary urban living and an affordable option for many. wasl oasis II, a gated community, includes 23 residential buildings, a mosque, supermarket, landscaped area and dedicated parking facilities. Wasl oasis II is strategically located at the crossroads of Dubai and Sharjah and offers an excellent option for employees commuting to Dubai for work, with reduced stress and travel time than options that are farther out.

Wasl has introduced a total of 3562 residential units spread across 12 projects in Karama and Muhaisnah since 2008. Its commitment to these vital areas in the city sees it with another 8 projects in the pipeline, which will be developed and delivered up until 2018.