15th May 2017

Wasl celebrates the ‘Year of Giving’ by organising a blood donation drive

Wasl has organised a blood donation drive in collaboration with the Dubai Blood Donation Centre. Wasl Group’s employees and customers showed their ongoing commitment to society by donating blood at the mobile unit that visited the company’s headquarters yesterday. The initiative took place from 9am to 1pm and aimed to help those in need of crucial blood.

Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management & Marketing Officer at Wasl said: “Wasl is pleased to support the ‘Year of Giving 2017’ initiative by launching activities and events which emphasise our commitment to  serving all segments of society and easing pain wherever possible. Our blood drive plays a crucial role in helping patients and ensuring that the Dubai Blood Donation Centre is provided with an adequate supply of blood.”

Zainab also expressed her satisfaction with the high level of participation from Wasl Group’s employees and customers, which contributed to the success of this charitable initiative. As part of the company’s comprehensive CSR programme, Wasl regularly organises blood donation drives in partnership with the Dubai Blood Donation Centre.