14th October 2014

Wasl Announces New Mobile Services to Enhance Customer Service

[Dubai, UAE; October 14, 2014]: With the GITEX Technology Week currently underway, Wasl - one of Dubai’s largest real estate companies - has announced the launch of several new mobile and online services designed to benefit its customers by increasing accessibility. The organisation says that its range of additional digital services complements its existing array of electronic facilities and forms part of its ongoing strategy to support the government’s vision of transforming Dubai into the world’s number one Smart City.


Wasl has a programme of developing and adopting digital services to continuously enhance its customers’ experience. Our twin goals are to maximise customer satisfaction and to become leaders in the field of electronic services amongst real estate companies in Dubai,” said Mohammad Al Sharji, General Manager of Information Technology at Wasl.


Wasl’ new mobile applications include several ‘business to consumer’ and ‘business to employee’ services that facilitate connectedness and collaboration with its customers. Its rolling programme of introduction will see the company offer around 65 services with close to 300 functions being made available through mobile applications by the end of the year.


Wasl customers will shortly be able to transact and manage their complete relationship with the company from their mobile devices, including lease renewals, making e-payments, setting up standing instructions for future payments and replacing cheques with online payment. They will also be able to access integrated property maintenance with an app that allows immediate attendance for the entire lifecycle of maintenance activities, from when a customer request is received to assignment of the work to taking customer feedback. One dedicated new leisure app will enable customers who are members of the two golf clubs that Wasl Group owns and manages, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and Emirates Golf Club, to be able to make golf bookings, reserve restaurant tables and manage their membership accounts.


“Our customers will soon enjoy mobile channels that enable for communication and transaction for property and land leasing, maintenance services and golfing requirements. The mobile solutions are tightly integrated and orchestrated with logistics and operational processes that enable a quick and personalised service,” said Al Sharji. “To facilitate these additional activities, Wasl has invested in state-of-the-art mobile infrastructure, including high available servers, application management, data security and user experience initiatives to enhance availability and usability of its mobile-based services,” he added.


The latest Wasl mobile applications add to the organisation’s extensive portfolio of existing e-services, many of which are first-ever initiatives for the Dubai’s real estate sector. The company was the first to facilitate renewal of long lease contracts without the tenant physically having to visit a branch. It was also the first to introduce credit card standing instruction as a payment mode to replace the traditional post-dated cheque for future lease payments, avoiding the flow of paperwork between the customer, Wasl and the bank. The company says that its e-services have been an essential component in its high customer satisfaction ratings, with urgent situations such as emergency maintenance requests being able to be acted on immediately through multi-channel communication that is integrated in real time with 24/7 call centres and service operations.


Wasl has been a pioneer in adopting information technology innovations for achieving outstanding performance and high levels of customer satisfaction in Dubai’s real estate sector. Our vision and strategy is to provide swift and transparent services to customers and to introduce online and mobile services that are more advanced and innovative in comparison with the industry’s regional practices,” said Al Sharji. “This all forms part of our broader goal to be an instrumental force in supporting the inspired vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which aims to transform Dubai into a world-beating Smart City,” he added.