27th July 2016

Wasl adds an artistic touch to Al Karama

Wasl, a subsidiary of Wasl, have announced the launch of a large art project, which will transform the facades of Karama Shopping Complex into an open street art gallery. The initiative aims to provide colourful and creative additions to the buildings, ensuring an enhanced shopping experience for the area’s residents and tourists.

Chief Property Management & Marketing Officer at Wasl, Zainab Mohammed said: “A key objective for Wasl is to boost Dubai’s position as a leading destination to work, visit and live in, through a range of activities, partnerships and collaborations. This project will provide creative works produced by experts in street art, which will transform Karama Shopping Complex. It will also result in increased footfall from tourists and local residents alike visiting the center to indulge in shopping and a day out, as well as greatly contributing towards a beautified Karama.”

Wasl partnered with street art specialists ’Graffiti’ in the creation of artworks on 24 walls across all 12 buildings of the Karama Shopping Complex. One wall will feature a competition where the public can win a valuable prize from wasl properties if they successfully guess what the concept of the piece is. Moreover, wasl properties have reached an agreement with a contractor company, to execute several tiling works and provide exterior lighting and planters across the complex.

Wasl have strategically aligned its projects with the Dubai Plan 2021, to provide residents in well-established areas of Dubai such as the Karama and Deira neighbourhoods with quality living. To this end, Wasl have already developed several residential and commercial projects in these areas, that provide units equipped with distinctive features and modern amenities, which will bridge the gap with other modern urban areas in Dubai.