Press Releases

wasl Celebrates UAE’s 47th National Day

wasl Asset Management Group, one of the largest real estate development and management companies in Dubai, organised exciting national events in a unique atmosphere on the occasion of the UAE’s 47th National Day. HE Hesham Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group, said: “Our joy is consolidated as we gather together to express our happiness on this day. It is an occasion that makes us proud of our past and a chance to renew our loyalty to our wise leadership that preserves and strengthens the achievements of the Union, helping the UAE remain at the forefront of the world in terms of progress and prosperity through the noble values established and handed down to us by the Founding Fathers.”To commemorate the occasion, wasl held a number of special events that included folk dances and entertainment shows with the help and support of its staff.

wasl Asset Management Group celebrates ‘UAE Flag Day’

wasl Asset Management Group, in response to the call of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, celebrated UAE Flag Day 2018. On this occasion, wasl held some national activities at its headquarters in the presence of His Excellency Hesham Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management Group, and that of senior officials, directors of departments, and employees. One of the most prominent activities that took place during the day was raising the UAE flag on the mast of the company's headquarters and distributing national souvenirs to attendees and participants.Hesham Al Qassim said: “It is a great honour to work together on this occasion to keep the nation’s flag high. This day is an affirmation on the importance of our flag as the UAE’s identity, itself a symbol of unity and an incentive to appreciate the peaceful values between the citizens and residents of the nation.”

wasl properties commences leasing of wasl Crystal in Al Quoz area

wasl properties, a subsidiary of wasl Asset Management Group, has announced the completion of wasl Crystal apartments. Located in Al Quoz, the development comprises studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments.wasl Crystal will provide prospective tenants 306 residential units comprising 9 studios ranging from 412 to 579 sq. ft, 63 one-bedroom units ranging from 741 – 898 sq. ft, 54 large one-bedroom units ranging from 900 – 983 sq. ft, 168 two-bedroom units ranging from 1,102 – 1,278 sq. ft, 3 large two-bedroom units with a size of 1,422 sq. ft, and 9 three-bedroom apartments ranging from 1,495 – 1,544 sq. ft.Known for being an employment hub and for its many art galleries, Al Quoz is a vital Dubai location.

wasl Asset Management Group launches ‘wasl gate’ development onto Dubai’s freehold property market

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23 September 2018: wasl Asset Management Group, one of the largest real estate development and management companies in Dubai, has officially released wasl gate onto Dubai’s freehold property market. The launch follows the success of ‘wasl1’, the company's first freehold master development next to Zabeel Park, as part of its efforts to support the government's vision of making Dubai the best residential destination in the world by 2021. The company also announced that sales for ‘The Nook’, which represents the first two buildings of the development, will start on 8th October. The buildings are located within the larger wasl gate development in Jebel Ali beside Sheikh Zayed road and close to the Energy metro station. Stretching across 1.23 million square metres, the ‘wasl gate’ freehold master development will also provide 257 townhouses and around 6,500 apartments upon completion.

wasl properties reveals grand-prize winner of ‘Zayed Ramadan Competition’

wasl properties has announced the winners of its ‘Zayed Ramadan Competition’. The competition took place throughout Ramadan and aimed to celebrate children’s creativity, highlight their innovation, and reward their artistic talents.wasl committee selected Zobiya Javed Ansari, Sameeksha, Zunerah, and Therese to be the four winners of the year. Each was given a Nintendo Switch console and Zobiya Javed Ansari was deemed the Grand winner, receiving the grand-prize scholarship tuition of AED 25,000.Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties, commented: “Participation in this competition was open to children under the age of 13 and was open for wasl tenants only. Adults, on the other hand, had the chance to participate in our ‘Ramadan Photography Competition’.

wasl organises blood donation campaign to support ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative

As part of its ongoing efforts to support the ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative, wasl organised a blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Dubai Blood Donation Center.The campaign was held on 27th June at the ‘wasl Oasis II’ residential development and at the wasl headquarters on 26th June. It involved the participation of 74 individuals comprising wasl employees, customers and tenants.Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties, commented: “We will continue to launch community events that help wasl demonstrate its commitment to supporting the ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative by organising activities that benefit all segments of the society.

 wasl presents wasl1 at Luxury Property Showcase Beijing

wasl Asset Management Group, one of the largest real estate development and management companies in Dubai, presented its flagship wasl1 project during the recent Luxury Property Showcase Beijing for an audience of over 7,000 wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs, investors, luxury properties owners and elite investors looking to purchase overseas properties.The event followed the successful launch of the first two towers (C and D) at wasl1, which saw wasl sell the vast majority of units in record time. The third tower (A) has now been released onto the freehold property market and was the focus of wasl’s participation at the LPS Beijing, where the company’s representatives introduced investors to the myriad of options available.The three towers are part of Park Gate Residences, phase 1 of the wasl1 project, which is the company's iconic parkside freehold master development in the heart of Dubai.

wasl properties enjoys a record-demand in leasing ‘wasl district’ project

wasl properties, a subsidiary of wasl Asset Management Group, has recorded an unrivaled demand for the leasing of Block A, the second phase of wasl district. The company announced the leasing of 90% of one, two and three-bedroom apartments within four hours of their initial rental listing.The company launched one-bedroom apartments for annual rent at values ranging from AED 54,000 – 66,000, two-bedroom apartments starting from AED 71,000,  two-bedroom apartments that come with maid rooms from AED 82,000 – 91,000, and three-bedroom apartments — which were fully leased from AED 112,000 – 121,000.Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties, said: “This success is attributed to the fact that Dubai’s real estate market remains attractive in the eyes of investors, residents and visitors, thanks to its strong legislative environment and its procedural transparency, as well as to the healthy bal

wasl properties releases a second block of its ‘wasl district’ project into the market

wasl properties, a subsidiary of wasl Asset Management Group, has announced the official release of ‘Block A’ — phase two of wasl district into the market. The first phase was delivered on December 2017 and featured 166 units that were leased in a record one week only. The company’s mission is to maintain the city’s rich history and strives to cater to its customers’ needs by delivering on their perceptions.Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties, said: “wasl district project is underlined by wasl’s deep reverence for the UAE’s heritage, and the company’s ongoing efforts to preserve and share it by revitalising older areas of Dubai. Last year we handed over 166 units that comprised the first phase of the project, all of which were leased within a record one week.

wasl properties launches ‘Zayed Ramadan Competition’

wasl properties celebrates the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan with its tenants by launching the ‘Zayed Ramadan Competition’ for talented kids, which seeks to showcase the creativity of children between the ages of four and 13, and reward them by offering valuable prizes as part of the ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative.Zainab Mohammed, Chief Property Management and Marketing Officer at wasl properties, commented: “This competition carries many valuable meanings and aims to highlight the spirit of generosity of this holy month, as well as celebrate the ‘Year of Zayed’ and the embodiment of the unique teachings of the Founding Father.