• Q1. Can I change my contact information?

    From the “Profile” page, you can change your contact information such as Address, Phone, Email etc. You can also indicate your preferred language of communication (English or Arabic).

    Certain information such as Passport / Visa / Emirates ID details, Trade License information (for Businesses) will only be updated after verification by Wasl. You would be required to submit proof of the updated information (such as renewed Passport / Visa copy or the Trade License) through your “Profile” page. We will verify the submitted documentation and then update these account details.

  • Q2. What is the process for registration?

    Once the Tenant ID and the email / mobile you entered on the “Verify” page matches with our records, you will then proceed to the “Register” page. You can then choose your own username and password. Restrictions on the username and password can be found by hovering on the icon “i”.

    After registration, you will be forwarded to your Profile page, where you can update your Contact information.

  • Q3. What if I don’t have my email or mobile registered with Wasl or if I have provided a landline number only to Wasl?

    For safety and convenience, we require that you register either an email address or mobile number with us prior to creating your eServices account. You can still register your email and /or mobile by calling 800wasl(9275) or visiting any of our Customer Service Centers.

  • Q4. What is the information required to register for eServices and how do I register?

    We have made the process extremely simple for you to create your own eServices account. You would need your Tenant ID, which can be found on your lease contract, along with the email address or Mobile number that you have provided to us before. Please hover on the icon “i” on the Online Registration screen to check the location of Tenant ID in a lease contract.

  • Q5. Who can register for eServices?

    All existing tenants of Wasl with active contracts can register for eServices.

  • Q6. Will you add more services in the future?

    Yes, we are continuing to develop more eServices that will be available to you in the near future. Some of the eServices that will soon be available are Renewal of Contracts online, Contract Termination, New Lease creation for Ancillary units such as Parking spots & Store rooms, Payments for transactions such as NOC, extra Parking remote etc.

    Soon, new customers who are not tenants, will also be able to create an account to search and send enquiries for vacant properties.

  • Q7. What are the services available once I register?

    Currently, the following services are available.

    All your Lease Contracts will be displayed under one account. If you have leased multiple properties from us, they will all show up under one account. You can open each Contract; check the duration, outstanding amount (if any) and the details of the outstanding invoices (if any).

    You can also check the Post Dated Cheques (PDC) that are due in the future in the account under the section “Cheques”.

    You now have one more channel to open service requests relating to Maintenance or Lease Contract related services or to file a Complaint. You can also open your service requests initiated by you in the past and check the latest status.

    If you are looking for a new property, you can register your enquiry through “Property Search” facility. Your contact information will be automatically filled if you are logged into your account.

  • Q8. Is there any video tutorial that can help me using eServices?

    Yes, we created several videos. Please find them on this page