Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Summer Referral Program Terms

wasl is offering special promotions from 20th of August for existing tenants who have the opportunity to earn up to 5,000 AED for every successful referral. 


  1. The Referral program offer is valid for existing wasl tenant with valid contracts only.
  2. The current tenant can fill out the referral rewards program, which is available on the website’s eservices.
  3. In case of Online new leases, the existing tenant can refer a New Tenant by providing the contact information and details of interested project by logging into the eservice account. An OTP code will send to the new Tenant, that needs to captured by the New Tenant while executing online lease reservation to confirm the reference of the existing tenant.
  4. For every successful referral, the existing tenant will receive an incentive in the form of a credit note that will be applied to their lease renewal through e-Services. The incentive will carry a value up to AED 5,000 (T&C applies).
  5. The credit note cannot be exchange for cash. It can only be apply to the next lease renewal not applicable in the case of early lease termination.
  6. The existing tenant can log on to their e-Services account to verify the credit after 2 weeks. In case no credit information is available, the tenant can communicate through customercare@wasl.ae  with attaching the approved referral form.